Marine Electronics  


The development of new equipment and technologies in marine electronics is occurring at an exponential rate. Reductions in size and price means most recreational boaters have access to impressive electronic hardware.

The course begins with a review of basic electrical theory and moves on to discussion of the various electrical/electronic systems found on recreational boats.

The course is an overview so that you may be better equipped to choose equipment, in most cases install it, and in many cases undertake preventative and corrective maintenance.

Marine electronics are typically among of the bigger ticket items bought for your boat. You want the best performance from your purchases.

Keep in phase with you boat’s electrical systems and take the Marine Electronics course today. . 


  • Basic Electricity

  • Direct Current (DC) Systems

  • Alternating Current (AC) Systems

  • Electrical Wiring Systems

  • Galvanic and Stray-Current Corrosion

  • Lighting Protection

  • Electrical Interference

  • Electrical Interference Suppression

  • Marine Radiotelephone

  • Electronic Depth Sounder

  • Radar

  • Loran-C

  • Satellite Systems

  • Auxiliary Equipment

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