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Boating Course

(Thirteen 2-hour sessions)

This is a 13 week course that combines Boating Basics and Boating Essentials. On successful completion you’ll receive your PCOC and Full Membership in the CPS.

 Fee: $240.00

Start Dates: TBA

Registration: TBA

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(Eight 2-hour sessions)

This course covers many aspects of the formation and behavior of the weather around us. Meteorology is quite technical in nature, whereas Fundamentals of Weather is presented in a clear, straightforward manner that eliminates much of the jargon.  The study of weather is both fascinating and satisfying. The skills you will develop from this course will serve you for a lifetime. With practice, you will be able to make short term forecasts.

Fee:  $110.00 - members $130.00 non-members

Start Date: TBA

Registration: TBA

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Boating Basics

(This is a 3 week course)

Teaches equipping your boat, rules of the road, aids to navigation, safety awareness, docking and undocking.  On successful completion you’ll receive your PCOC and Associate Membership in CPS.

This is a 3 week class. Please register and we will run the class as required with minimum 6 people per class.

Fee:  $75.00

Next Date:  TBA

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(Thirteen 2-hour sessions)

*Prerequisite:  Boating

The Seamanship Course extends the navigation and vessel-handling techniques introduced in the Boating Course. Learn more about Coastal Navigation and Seamanship necessary for navigation in large lakes, and in tidal waters along the coast. 

Fee: $180.00 for Members $200.00 for non Members

Start Date: TBA

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Finding your way with GPS

(Two Hours)

Prerequisite:  None

This seminar is for the outdoors enthusiast, back packer, canoer, and kayaker.  The aim is not to provide an exhaustive course on all of the intricate details and operation of the versatile Global Positioning System. Rather, it will help the new user of the hand-held GPS receiver.  You will find the information and explanations that are usually missing from the operators’ manuals.

Fee:  $40.00

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Navigation with GPS

(Three 2-hour sessions)

Prerequisite:  Boating Course

This seminar will introduce you to the versatile Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. With this course you will learn simple explanations of the system which makes GPS such an effective navigational aid, and methods of extracting the maximum navigational information from your equipment.

Fee:  $65.00

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VHF Radio 

(This is a 2 week course)

The Maritime Radio course teaches emergency radio procedures, as well as everyday operating techniques.  Learn all about the uses of marine radios, choice of frequencies, operation, phonetic alphabet, procedural words and phrases, as well as
Digital Selective Calling and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, (DSC/GMDSS).

Upon passing the exam you will get your 'Restricted Operator's Certificate (Maritime) with DSC Endorsement'. This will allow you to legally operate a VHF radio.

Fee: $75.00

Date: TBA

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Boat Pro

Advanced Piloting
Junior Navigator

Marine Electronics  Marine  Maintenance
Offshore Sailing
Seamanship Power
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